Apres Ski at the famous Folie Douce, Val Thorens.
NUSSC will be returning Christmas 2013
NUSSC House Party 2013
Warehouse Party 2014.
NUSSC's warm up event for BUSC


Content warning: If you don’t enjoy drinking jaeger, dancing on tables, and getting covered in white stuff, then stop reading now, and don’t join this club.

If you watch this short clip

and you still don't think NUSSC is for you…

…then you're insane.

NUSSC isn't just a sports team, we're not just a collection of unbelievably good looking people, we are essentially just a bunch of freaks with an unhealthy obsession for the fluffy white stuff, all looking for a good time.

Yes we do have race teams, yes we have freestyle teams, and yes we do host two MASSIVE trips to the Alpes EVERY year with HUGE live acts in europe's biggest ski resorts.

But in all seriousness, joining a university snow sports club has no obligation to actually ski or snowboard. So what I'm really trying to say... is that regardless of whether you've done 5 seasons, and you're really fucking good, or you've never actually seen snow before, like our Facebook page, and drag yourselves to one of our socials, and find out what this Apres-ski lark is really about. You never know, you might like it.

Anyone can like our Facebook page and get involved in our socials, but to come on our ski trips you have to be a paid member. Membership costs £29 for the whole year, and it also gets you cheaper access to our socials, discounts on drinks and club entry around town, and exclusive discounts from our various sponsors. So join now to make the most of the savings!

We've got big plans for this year, we've got some huge socials lined up, and we're planning our biggest ever Christmas ski trip. So get excited, and watch this space.

This year’s social calendar kicks off on Friday 4th October with our re-launch party. It involves a boat, and a lot of Jaeger... More details to be announced shortly...

Lots of love,

Daniel Versloot

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